Sales Team Training

Maintain a vital, competitive edge

Our global experts will help your team maintain a vital, competitive edge. We develop a customized hands-on training session (including a neuro-psychological approach) to address challenges specific to your hotel. Workshops can be half-day or full-day formats, for a minimum of 2 consecutive days. Cost includes a pre-training consulting visit and a thorough site inspection.



Pre-Opening Sales Team

Get a head-start to opening day

Ramp up to opening day without the cost of hiring too early on. Our team will do the legwork to ensure a successful launch. We will help you set goals, identify target markets and clients, and provide actionable plans so your sales team can take over.  Minimum 1 week commitment. For highest return on investment, we recommend implementing this service 6-12 months prior to the projected opening date.



In-House Support

Our experts onsite

Temporary, cost effective way to revitalize your own sales team or achieve a specified goal.  We provide an experienced sales professional to work onsite, as an implant to support your team for a minimum of 3 days. Arrangements include a site visit or product analysis by our team to assess the most efficient and valuable approach for your hotel.



Sales clinics (How To…)

Highly focused workshops

Highly focused workshops that help your team with a specific topic. This approach is ideal for stand-alone properties venturing into new sales areas. Our experts produce a dedicated presentation so that your team achieves winning standards. Cost includes a pre-workshop consulting and site visit, and requires a minimum 2-day commitment.